24 January 2013

Documents Needed for Business / Company Registration in China

 How Long will all of this take to Register my Company?

Business registration in China is a lengthy and complex process – one wrong move can set you back months (as you can’t legally trade or issue invoices until you’re registered). Incorporation of business in China approximately takes three months or more provided all the documents are correctly submitted. Though the Government encourages high tech Wholly Foreign Owned Enterprises or WFOE in China, the documents preparation for business set up in China is a tedious procedure and requires detailed understanding of the Chinese law.

register business china Documents Needed for Business / Company Registration in China

The Two Key Documents

Before starting your business, you need documents primarily for two specific things: Name approval and for the WFOE Incorporation procedure. The list of documents required for your company’s name in China to be approved differs depending upon whether it is corporate investment or individual investment. If the client says that I want to register my business in China with individual investment, then only the identity card / passport and the signature of the investor would suffice. Whereas, if it is a corporate investment, then one needs business license, identity card of the legal representatives of the foreign company (at least 2 people needed minimum), and signatures of the investors.

Apart from this, additional documents such as the:

  • Client information form,
  • Entrustment Agreement of Agency,
  •  Application form for Checking and Registering Enterprise’s Name

All of the above need to be submitted as per the mentioned number of originals (above) in both cases. Its best to get help on how to set up a business in China by preparing the additional documents for the business and helps to understand the entrepreneur about the taxation for your foreign company in China.

China WFOE Registration Documents

For the procedure of incorporation of company in China, the documents needed are much more than those required in name approval and are mentioned below:

  1. Resume and photographs of the legal representatives
  2. Leasing contracts
  3. Property right certificate and floor plans
  4. Certificate of property owner
  5. Passport and identity card of finance clerk
  6. English name of WFOE China
  7. Application letter for enterprises
  8. Appointment letter of legal representatives
  9. Appointment letter of supervisors
  10. Articles of Association

How to Guarantee You Get Registered

If you need help to start your business in China we can provide services to prepare the application form of Enterprise registration, appointment letter of legal representatives, appointment letter of supervisor, and Articles in Association.

Care must be taken that all signatures and stamps are uniform in all documents and all documents must be signed with a black gel ink pen (trust me, this is important even though it sounds like semantics).

Have questions about starting your business? There’s no sure-fire way to guarantee the successful registration of your business however one company http://www.bstarts.com does guarantee success or your money back. We don’t know of any others yet that offer this. You can email their senior consultant Jonathan at jonathan.s@bstarts.com .

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